Amazon policy violations are frequent and many times sellers are unaware of the rules that get them in trouble and ultimately suspend their accounts. 

Discover how to steer clear of account suspension so you can continue selling - and if your account is suspended, how to get it reinstated.

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Cynthia Stine

Cynthia is the founder, President, and CEO of eGrowth Partners, the thought leader on how to get reinstated and protect your Amazon seller account. In fact, she wrote and published Suspension Prevention in just three months and started speaking at Amazon conferences.

Over the years, eGrowth Partners invested in the infrastructure and processes needed to provide consistent services and to be a real company (as compared to a bunch of people frantically writing appeals all the time).

One thing that has always stood out about Cynthia and eGrowth Partners is the fact that we really care about our clients. Many of us are sellers or have been sellers in the past.  We understand the hopes, dreams, and struggles of our entrepreneurial clients.

Over and over again, Cynthia hears this from sellers as they work with our team, and it is a core value of our company.  It’s why we have receptionists that answer our phones, why we offer evening and weekend services and why we talk to our clients instead of handling all transactions by email.

What Readers Are Saying

Chris Green

“You want this book in your Amazon arsenal. 

It distills thousands of hours of reinstatement consulting experience down to exactly what a third-party seller needs to keep from being suspended.” 

Yoni Tabac

"Cynthia's book has helped me a lot. I wish I read it 5 years ago in 2015, when it was published, and not 2 weeks ago in 2020." 

Jim Cockrum

"If you are an Amazon seller of any size, or if you know someone who is, get them Suspension Prevention. 

Cynthia and her professional team are on the cutting edge of termination prevention and reinstatement strategy on Amazon. They are who we turn to when advising our global community of Amazon selling students. 

This book is your 'suspension prevention strategy."

What You'll Discover

How to Steer Clear of Violations

No one wants a violation email from Amazon. You’ll learn about types of violations, strategies to steer clear or appeal, and read client case studies specific to each violation.

How to Reclaim Your Account

Get your account reactivated with proven best practices that have been successfully used by our clients to start generating revenue quickly. 

How to Get Clean and Stay Clean

Keeping active on Amazon takes maintenance. Incorporate these ten seller best practices into your processes to keep your account clean and in front of customers.

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